Welcome to DV Investigations: A Professional Investigative and Inquiry Agent & Detective

Criminal, Civil & Corporate Investigations in the Baltimore, Maryland, Area

David Vaughn of DV Investigations is a licensed, bonded and insured private investigator in the greater Baltimore area. With broad experience in investigation services, David has a background in law enforcement, where he spent more than 20 years as a deputy, investigator and detective. Additionally, he has expertise and education in the private sector across many states and jurisdictions. You can be assured in working with David that he is detail-oriented, well-written, well-spoken and will testify effectively in any court. Learn more about David Vaughn’s credentials.

DV Investigations of Maryland can handle private investigations and inquiries on any matter, including criminal defense, pretrial preparation, witness location, surveillance, legal recording and insurance fraud.

Law Firm Services

  • Surveillance
  • Insurance fraud
  • Civil investigations
  • Pretrial preparation
  • Witness location services
  • Criminal defense investigation
  • Case support & documentation

Corporate & Private Sector Services

  • Asset protection
  • Ethics & fraud investigation
  • Workers Compensation claims
  • Elder abuse investigation
  • Employee & human resource law
  • Harassment & workplace violence
  • Corporate & insurance fraud claims