David Vaughn, Lead Investigator, DV Investigations

Experienced private detective serving the Baltimore, MD area

David Vaughn is the founder and proprietor of DV Investigations—a premier provider of private and public sector investigations in the Baltimore area. David is a seasoned private investigator with more than 25 years of experience in law enforcement, corporate security and information technology.

David began his career with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department in New York State. Hired as a Road Patrol Deputy before graduating college, David was promoted through the ranks and held positions as an investigator on the White Collar Crime Task Force, Narcotics Enforcement Team and in the Major Crimes Division.

After retiring from the Sheriff’s department, David launched into investigation work in the private sector. He has worked as a senior auditor, conducting fraud and ethics investigations for a large publicly-traded organization. David then worked as a contract investigator in the Violent Felony Bureau of the Monroe County Public Defender’s office in Rochester, NY. His experience includes corporate and criminal investigations including fraud, ethics violations, conflicts of interest, kickbacks, and corporate security.

David earned his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and his Master of Science in Information Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology. He continues to pursue professional development courses to further develop and refine his skills.

Headquartered in Baltimore, DV Investigations has the experience and reputation essential to providing clients with effective, confidential and professional service. With a background in law enforcement, David has an extensive history working in the public sector with criminal investigations, documentation and reporting, interviewing and testifying, witness location and surveillance. David’s thoroughness, integrity and diligence are fundamental in his work. Look to DV Investigations’ corporate and private sector services and attorney services to help you build your case from the ground up.